Leveraging Intuition to Make Smart Decisions

Posted March 26, 2013 in Decision Making, Latest News & Insights

Researchers and neuroscientists believe that intuitive insights occur in a split second as the brain recognizes patterns that resonate with knowledge, experience and wisdom stored in the sub-conscious.

Intuition by this definition is involuntary and immediate and appears to come out of nowhere. Sometimes we question it but at other times we just ‘know’ it is right and don’t feel the need to rationalize it.

This can present a challenge in most workplaces where evidence-based decisions are the rule rather than the exception. So how do you balance and integrate rational, fact-based ideas with intuitive insights and contributions in the decision-making process? It is difficult at the best of times to obtain consensus for an idea or action when multiple people are involved in the process. The diversity of experiences, cultures, knowledge, temperaments and values in team-based decision-making provides richness to the discussion and a profound challenge to reaching consensus.

Our intuitive insights are as unique as our footprint. How do we honour each person’s unique intuitive insights? In the same manner that you respect their values, opinions (could be fact based or intuitive) and cultural differences. It is important to give everyone an opportunity to fully express their ideas. It is also fair to ask them to elaborate on their ideas to generate some discussion. Don’t be too quick to judge, though. Some of the best ideas are ones that are ignored or discarded early on in the process when folks can’t immediately envision the end result. Take the position that every idea has some merit.

It is our duty to speak up if we feel strongly about something even if we can’t articulate why. (That’s intuition). It’s unrealistic, however, to expect that everyone will understand your feelings – they have their own intuitive hunches that may be different from yours. At the end of the day, you need to be clear about which battles are worth fighting for; when to compromise; and when to exit from the discussion. If you feel pressured to compromise your values, ask to withdraw from the group discussion.

Trusting your intuition is really about trusting your heart. Use your intuition to choose the right career and the right company, whose culture and environment align with your heart, head and gut!

[fancy_box]Today’s guest blog post comes from Rebecca Heaslip, President of Leadership Insight Inc.

Rebecca Heaslip is a successful entrepreneur, coach, speaker and founder of Leadership Insight Inc. a consulting, coaching and training organization she established more than 14 years ago. Rebecca helps organizations develop and implement creative ways to engage and leverage the full potential of managers and staff.

As the author of the upcoming book “Simply…Trust Your Gut – follow your instincts and transform your life!’, Rebecca shows you in 5 easy steps how to simplify your life and re-gain control by connecting with your inner wisdom every day. [/fancy_box]

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