#leadershiptruth – You might be a boiled frog.

Posted February 27, 2018 in Latest News & Insights

A frog will boil itself to death in tepid water as the heat gets turned up but will leap out immediately if you try and put it into a boiling pot. I think that most leaders over 40 are the equivalent of boiled frogs. It’s not our fault… we’ve just adapted to workplace norms that just don’t work anymore. Here’s an example from my life: one of the things I try to do at the Roundtable is run a Results Only Work Environment (ROWE). The essential premise being, as long as you’re delivering results, you don’t need to be in a chair in the office. Just get the job done, take time off when you need it, work from wherever makes sense. I say that I TRY to run a ROWE at the Roundtable because it’s not always perfect and the thing that gets in the way the most is probably ME. Despite having a high performing team that get a ton of shit done in a day, I will still catch myself feeling bothered if I can’t reach someone when I need to because they aren’t at their desk when I’m at mine. You might be a boiled frog around a variety of things: length of time someone needs to be in a role, the critical experiences they need to have before being promoted, or even the ability to work from home. How are these mindsets serving you or holding you back? Don’t be a boiled frog.


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