#leadershiptruth – You always have a choice.

Posted October 9, 2018 in Latest News & Insights

For years, I was pretty miserable at work. On paper, I shouldn’t have been: great boss, awesome organization, big paycheque, fun work. Still, on a regular basis, I would complain to my husband about my job. One day, I was complaining to my coach about my frustration with feeling trapped because of our mortgage (that was the reason I was using to being unable to quit my job and start my own business) and she said: sell the house. I came up with a number of reasons why that wasn’t going to happen (my husband would be mad, we just bought the house, where would we move etc.). She interrupted me and said ‘sounds like you just don’t like the choices that are available to you right now.’ Here’s the thing. We ALWAYS have a choice, but most of us stay in lousy situations because we think we don’t have one (I have a kid in private school, we just bought a cottage, I’m almost at retirement). You always have a choice but sometimes it’s easier being comfortable complaining about what we know than taking the leap into the unknown. What’s a choice that you have that you’re afraid to take?


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