#LeadershipTruth — You Always Have a Choice

When it comes to pressure, we’re all our own worst enemies and often lose sight of the fact that we have choices.

Here’s an example from my life: we had just bought our first house that carried a big fat mortgage and I was miserable at work despite my big fat paycheck. I wanted to quit but felt strangled by financial obligation.

When I told my coach that I couldn’t quit my job because of this, she said ‘actually, you are choosing not to quit your job because you don’t like the discomfort that will come from choosing another path.’

It stopped me cold and has been something I’ve gone back to in my life again and again when I’m feeling over-extended and under pressure. We often create our own personal hells and forget that we have choices. We can always choose another path.

What’s a choice that you could make to release some pressure?