#leadershiptruth – Reflection is underrated.

We are in a time where we feel the pressure to be ‘on’ all the time. Our calendars look like barcodes with each hour filled with one meeting after another. As we race from room to room, we stay in a perpetual state of reactionary behaviour. Where is learning happening? Where is the space for the consolidation of knowledge? To make matters worse, when we do plan downtime, we head off on vacation with our smartphones and laptops safely tucked under our arms so we can ‘just check in’ to see how things are going. When I work with my coach and when I coach others, I feel like part of what I am doing is creating forced reflection time. It’s very easy to get on the hamster wheel and chase your tail from one week into the next, but it’s in moments of reflection that we grow. Don’t minimize the importance of reflection by overemphasizing the illusion of productivity.