#leadershiptruth – Passion wins.

Posted October 2, 2018 in Latest News & Insights

There are a lot of great people who have great skills and sometimes it’s hard to know how you stand out from the competition. I think everyone today is essentially an entrepreneur who has to think of themselves as a business. This means you need to know what will separate you from your competition and the one thing I know for sure that will be the game changer: passion. If you are good at what you do but don’t LOVE what you do, you will be pushed to the sidelines by the person who brings the passion. Why? Because passionate people will always go the extra mile for what they love. And, as a manager, don’t you want to hire someone who’ll go the extra mile? I know I would. So, if you’re up for a big promotion, think about how you can demonstrate not just your capability to do the work, but also your passion for the work. That will be the game changer.


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