#leadershiptruth – Let go of control

Posted December 3, 2019 in Latest News & Insights

I have control issues. I realize that they’re rooted in a childhood where I had very little control and instead was highly controlled. Being high control means that I’ve become extremely good at pushing people away. Keeping help at a distance. As I work on letting go of control, I have to lean into the fear of what will happen when I reach out and ask for help and support. I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationships I’ve missed out on because my need for control got in the way of my ability let down my guard enough to make connections. I’m letting go of the grip that control has on me by taking baby steps towards freedom. Leaders who can let go of control allow others to grow. That’s the kind of legacy I want for myself and for the people who work with me. How about you?

How have you learned to let go?

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