#leadershiptruth – Every day is a performance review.

Posted September 12, 2017 in Latest News & Insights

When I first started into the field of classroom training, I used to hate the feedback I would get at the end of every session. These ‘smile sheets’ would rate me as a facilitator in real time. (Of course, I never got to rate my participants!) Imagine if you had a daily rating on your performance every day? Well, as leaders, I think we do. Every day members of our team go home and are mentally evaluating how we did as a leader. Did we inspire? Listen? Coach? Add value? Or did we annoy, frustrate and alienate? These daily performance reviews add up overtime and contribute to job satisfaction and engagement. In essence, these are our daily ‘smile sheets’. Asking ourselves how we’ve done each day and what we can do to improve tomorrow allows us to continue to improve our leadership – and the results on those invisible ‘smile sheets’. #leadershiptruth

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