#leadershiptruth – Don’t give too many f*cks.

Posted April 24, 2018 in Latest News & Insights

One of the big problems that I see with high performers (type A personalities) is that they give too many f*cks. They put an inordinate amount of pressure on themselves to deliver results ‘no matter what.’ Most of the time, their bosses don’t have anywhere near the expectations on performance that these over-achievers have on themselves. If you’re someone with an exceptional high drive for excellence and achievement, make sure you’re clear on what’s actually expected. (Do people actually remember that perfect powerpoint presentation with the matching fonts and perfect images that you submitted 24 months ago? Doubtful.) Know when to let go. It will save you a lot of grey hair and extra pounds on your waistline (cause you’ll actually make it to the gym instead of doing that ‘one more thing’… ).



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