#leadershiptruth – Be your own guru

Recently, I’ve been in conversations with people who have big dreams. Dreams to take on new careers, start new projects or shift their focus. Invariably, after sharing what they want to do, they proceed to tell me how they’re not actually ready to do it. They need one more course, one more credential, one more book to read or person to interview before they can take the leap. They often look to me to validate that I think they’re ready to take on whatever they’re interested in taking on. The reality is, only you can do you. No external coach, teacher, trainer, boss, mentor or parent is going to help you achieve what your heart wants to achieve. You are the expert on you. You are your own guru, so tap into your internal wisdom. You will ultimately be the one who will make your dreams a reality. Nobody else can do it for you.

What internal wisdom do you need to listen to?