Job Posting: Director, Business Development

Posted February 20, 2019 in Special Events

We’re growing! This means we’re making room for ONE more superstar on our team!

We’re in need of a business development leader to take our business to the next stage of
growth. This is a critical position that will ultimately oversee the newly formed BD function in
our growing talent development firm. We’re looking for someone who loves to lead, is
adapt at building solutions and passionate about producing results. If this sounds like you,
keep reading.

You are smart, strategic and you know how to piece seemingly unrelated things together
but you don’t just operate at a fifty thousand foot view. You know how to roll up your
sleeves and get shit done (that’s one of our corporate values).

Still with me? Read on.

You’ve spent the last five or more years convincing senior people to invest in their talent.
That may be with a small boutique consultancy or perhaps as a business savvy HR or OD
professional in a mid-sized organization. You know how important it is to grow leadership
bench strength and yearn to work with companies that feel the same way. Oh, and you’re
tenacious. Really freaking tenacious. You love to win… but not in that gross way where other
people lose. You love to win because winning means that you’re helping someone. You
care deeply about results and would rather walk away from a deal than take on something
you know you couldn’t see through to an excellent result.

You see yourself as an entrepreneur but would rather build something with others than go it
alone. You love to work independently but get a charge from being a part of a group. You’re
looking to make an impact and change people’s lives. Seriously. You’re results oriented but
not money motivated. Yeah, you need to pay your bills but ultimately, you’re in it for the
thrill of the challenge and the chance to make a big difference in the lives of others. You
value freedom, collaboration and are always looking to raise the bar.

You’re tired of the grind of corporate life and are looking for a place where you can dream
big and make an impact while having fun the same time

Here are some of the things that will be part of your day-to-day life with us:

  • Participating in strat planning sessions, sales team meetings and anything else we
    need to drag your brilliant mind into
  • Getting out and about to meet new people at various industry events and
    conferences. You thrive on meeting people!
  • Prospecting for new clients who fit our ‘must work with’ criteria
  • Creating discussion documents, proposals and services agreements
  • Working with our marketing and design team to create new sales collateral
  • Providing exceptional customer service to our awesome clients. We are partners
    with our clients, not vendors and your ability to go above and beyond expectations is
    core to this role.
  • Keeping contact details up to date in our CRM.
  • Providing sales coaching and support to colleagues who will be helping you shine
  • Bringing your business savvy strengths and talents to our growing organization.
    We’re not looking for an employee. We’re looking for a thought partner
  • Oh… and you LOVE leadership, coaching and team development.

If you’re still reading and still interested, here’s what you need to do next:
Step #1: Answer to the following questions below either in writing or (BONUS POINTS) by
video and submit along with your resume and cover letter:
– The best experience I’ve ever had in my life was when I…
– The biggest challenge I’ve had to overcome was when I…
– It drives me crazy when people…
– My favourite leadership book of all time is…
– What I’m going to bring to the Roundtable…

Step #2: If you are successful in steps 1 through 2, we will contact to set up and in person
interview with our panel of awesome team members and ask you to provide 9 (yes 9)

Step #3: If we select you to move further, we will ask that you complete the following
assessment(s) for us: Individual Directions Inventory, Kolbe A.

Submit your application to by April 5th, 2019. Only people that complete all our requirements will be contacted to save us both time.
About Us: We are on a mission to create better workplaces by inspiring leaders to make a
positive impact. Our programs win awards. Our clients rave about their experiences with us.
Visit our website to learn more.

Our values that we live by are: Dream Big. Get Shit Done. Make an Impact. Have Fun.

If this sounds like something you can relate to, then we look forward to hearing from you
and seeing what phenomenal skills you’ll bring to The Roundtable!

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  1. This is probably the BEST job posting I’ve ever seen!

    You guys have an amazing business. So happy to be a (small) part of it.

    I KNOW you’ll “get shit done” by hiring the perfect person.