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Posted November 17, 2008 in Latest News & Insights

Yes indeed.  Great employee friendly organizations can and do exist.

If you haven’t heard of the Walk the Talk survey and awards program… check it out.  This is one cool little awards program that selects winners based exclusively on EMPLOYEE feedback.

Why is that so different?  Well, traditional awards programs only base part of their criteria on employee opinions.  The rest of the data comes from senior leadership, HR input and, frequently, bottom-line metrics.  And in some cases, (according to our spy sources) big corporate sponsors can actually leverage wins for their organizations and/or individuals on their teams (I know… ghastly, but true).  No wonder alot of the awards out there are met with a high degree of skepticism.

The Walk the Talk survey and awards gives “real deal” recognition to organizations (and the senior leadership within those organizations) that are actually committed to balancing their people and their profits.

Congratulations to the three 2008 award winning companies:  I Love Rewards, Speakers’ Spotlight and Sequel Naturals.

 At the awards and learning think tank held in Toronto (Nov. 12), organizers shared some key findings from this years survey results.  Below are the top 10 things that leaders need to pay attention to, if they want to attract and retain top talent (and maybe have a shot at getting their names on the list of winners for 2009).  The final report summarizing the key best practices will be posted on the Walk the Talk website  later in December.

1.  Quality, character and culture:  Old fashioned values take on more importance in fast paced times.

2. Empowerment and Accountability: Give a little and you’ll get a lot in return.

3. Talent, Not “Property”: Employees are assets. Invest, don’t handcuff.

4. Eliminate the Gatekeepers: Communication and learning comes from everywhere.

5. Creativity is the new currency: Inspire unconventinal and creative thinking. You never know where your best ideas will come from.

6. Performance and impact: the new measures of success.  Not face time and air miles.

7. Flat is where it’s at. Everyone is a contributor. Do away with rankism, special priviledges, gender, generation and colour.

8. Community is where we work and live.  Accoutability for greener workplaces and workforces (in and out of the office).

9.  Inspire, don’t acquire. As employment models change, full-time employment isn’t always the answer.

10. Transparency is believability: Trust is built or lost everyday.

Happy leading!

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