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Holiday Happiness: 5 Ways to Give Back

This week, The Roundtable is celebrating 10 years in business by giving back to our amazing community. To show our thanks and spread some cheer, we’ve put together a Holiday Happiness Guide with tips and tricks to make the most out of the holiday season.

It wouldn’t be in keeping with the holiday spirit if we didn’t take some time to talk about giving to those less fortunate. Holidays can be a very difficult time for people without a stable income or residence. Whether you are volunteering your time or making a donation, there’s a lot you can do to improve lives.

  1. The Yonge Street Mission has a dedicated Christmas campaign to bring people in from the cold
  2. Dress for Success helps people become financially independent by providing interview clothes and support services. They received clothing donations from attendees at Recharge this year
  3. Children’s Wish aims to give sick children the motivation they need to endure difficult treatments
  4. As entrepreneurs, we love to support other intrepid international business owners with microloans
  5. Food banks are pivotal during the holiday season, and are increasingly running low

Check back tomorrow for our fifth and final installation of the Holiday Happiness Guide!