Did I REALLY Sign Up for This?!

Posted May 31, 2018 in Latest News & Insights

Written by: Glain Roberts-McCabe

Reviewed by: Andy Budgell

The Premise: This book hits a little closer to home than most of our previous book reviews. The first book by our very own Glain Roberts-McCabe (you may have heard of her!), Did I REALLY Sign Up For This?! is a collection of the best #leadershiptruths from the first decade of The Roundtable’s blog. An unvarnished look at leadership and those moments that find you second-guessing why you stepped into a leadership role in the first place, this tome is divided into four sections: Be Intentional, Lead with Purpose, Grow Your People, and Deliver Results. It tackles everything from workplace bullying to staying sane while balancing multiple priorities. Glain reminds us throughout that leading a team of people—and helping them to flourish and grow—is both a privilege and a responsibility, and you need to be intentional about it. This book gives you the tools to do just that.

The Bottomline: If you’ve known Glain for any length of time, you’ll have no trouble recognizing her inimitable style, as well as her celebrated candour and authenticity, as it leaps off the page. Did I REALLY Sign Up For This?! distills her decades of leadership experience—including what she’s gleaned working with The Roundtable’s community of passionate leaders—into one handy volume. There were countless times where I found myself silently nodding my head in agreement, or enthusiastically saying “Yes!” or “Thank you!”, as I made my way through the book. You’ll laugh out loud as Glain helps you to determine whether your a boss is a psycho (telltale signs include “condescending tone of voice, eye-rolling and general ‘huffing and puffing’ when being asked for direction, guarding of information, and high turnover of staff”—any of that sound familiar?), and then lays the groundwork for ousting said psycho boss. Glain also offers a wealth of time management and productivity tips for those of us who struggle in those departments (don’t pretend like you’re not one of them!). I’ve read a ton of books in this genre and many of them aren’t actionable; you close the book and return it to its place on the shelf without having added anything substantial to your arsenal. Did I REALLY Sign Up For This?! is different. Glain is not only intentional about leadership but intentional about helping her readers grow in the leadership roles they’re carving out for themselves. She doesn’t believe in silver bullets, but instead provides easily implementable tips for “all of you who are out in the arena of leadership, working hard each and every day, trying to get better.”

Roundtable Rating: Okay, so I might be a little biased, but Did I REALLY Sign Up For This?! truly is an indispensable guide for both veteran leaders and leaders in the making. Infused with both humour and practical advice, I have a feeling your copy is going to be filled with marginalia, sticky notes, and looking pretty dog-eared before long. It’s a must read!

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