Be the Devil’s Avocado

Posted July 27, 2009 in Latest News & Insights

Fans of 30 Rock will remember Tracy Jordan’s memorable appearance on Larry King Live where in the face of the global economic meltdown, he spoke the wonderful line: “Let me be the Devil’s Avocado Larry.”  And proceeded to cause havoc and confusion as can only occur on 30 Rock.

I’ve been observing lately that – maybe due to risk of rocking the boat in a bad economy – many people are reluctant to play the Devil’s Avocado role around the boardroom table these days.  I see  smart managers sitting mute as their organizations make bad decisions that are being triggered around short term thinking.

Here’s my take… if your organization is doing something stupid, and you know it’s stupid and you have a better idea that could save the company… time, money, embarrassment (you name it) … it is your JOB as a LEADER to speak up.  Fear for one’s personal “safety” will not drive an organization forward.  Courage to speak up and think of what’s best for the team is what is required.

Tough times provide great opportunities to demonstrate courageous leadership.  So, this week… be a bit of Devil’s Avocado and challenge bad ideas and decisions being made out of fear.  Now that’s great leadership.

Happy leading!

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