Angelina Jolie’s leg: how to stand out from the crowd

Posted March 5, 2012 in Career Management, Latest News & Insights

Last week, Angelina Jolie created a stir with her bizarro leg posing on the red carpet and the Oscar stage.  Bloggers and newsfeeds were quick to jump on Jolie’s quirky pose with opinions divided: was she “having a laugh” or weirdly working her outfit? Was she high or was she doing it as a dare?  Certainly Jolie succeeded in making headlines and standing out from a pack of other Oscar presenters and attendees.  If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd at work, here are a few things you can do:

  • Be great at what you do… Jolie’s an Oscar winning actress.  She’s proved her mettle, so pulling quirky leg stunts can be overlooked.  Doing great work is the ultimate way to stand out.
  • Be consistent with your brand… Jolie has been consistently weird (kissing her brother, wearing her husband’s blood), so she can get away with shoving her knee out of a black dress at a weird angle and it’s staying within her brand.  What’s your brand?  Are you the “go-to” person? Or the natural teacher?  Do you have a network that people would die for or are you able to whip up ideas at the drop of a hat?  Leverage your strength to stand out from others.
  • Pick your moments… Pitt and Jolie showed up at the Oscar’s late and had the run of the red carpet, giving photographers lots of opportunities to snap Jolie in full form.  There’s  a good lesson here in  the importance of timing.  Look for opportunities to speak up and get noticed.  Find ways to bump into your boss or other key stakeholders when you know you’ll get their undivided attention.
  • Show confidence… if you’re going to stick your leg out at a bizarre angle, at least own it.  Whatever you’re doing, do it with confidence and you’ll stand out from the crowd.
  • Lighten up… when Jim Rath, one of the winners accepting the Oscar from Jolie, struck the same pose, she laughed along with the joke.  People who stand out in a positive way are people who lighten the atmosphere and make you feel good about yourself. Be that person…not the one who gets caught up in their own drama and sucks everyone else into it.

If you find yourself needing ways to stand out from the pack, try a few of these strategies to set yourself apart from the crowd.  And, if all else fails, strike a fabulous pose at the next company function.  You’ll be sure that people will be talking about it for years to come.

Happy leading!

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