4 Tips to Streamline Your Work with Your Life

Posted June 12, 2014 in Latest News & Insights

Managing family obligations alongside work responsibilities can be challenging at times, but leaders at all levels can achieve balance by bringing some basic work strategies into the home. The key to success is delivering on both fronts, so that neither aspect of your life suffers at the hand of the other. Here are some tips for those seeking to gain a little more balance between work and home:

Delegate for Success
High performing leaders often take-on a wide range of responsibilities within their organizations and look to drive performance up to their own high standards. While micro-managing certain aspects of your job may make sense at times, it is not a long-term strategy you can count on. Smart leaders take the time to train and provide their teams with the proper tools so that you can delegate “non-value-add” tasks. Why not do the same in your home-life? Delegate household chores as much as possible: from cleaning to gardening to home maintenance. If it’s not your strength, delegate. (Don’t forget to delegate to the kids too!)

Divide and Conquer on the Home Front
You’re more productive at work when you play to your strengths, so why not take the same principle into your home life? Victorious couples know how to lean on each other’s strengths…and are able to let go of control when things are “good enough”.

Plan Ahead and Prioritize
Long-term planning and prioritizing creates reference points that can keep team members on the same page as projects unfold. Keep communication high at home by creating family calendars, schedules for chores and routines that the entire family can follow. By sharing plans, you’ll keep everyone on the same page and avoid last minute surprises (Bobby’s birthday party is when??)

Maintain Boundaries
In a 24/7 technology world, it’s easy for work to bleed into life. Establish boundaries around technology so that it’s an enabler to balance, not a robber. Rules like “no email after dinner” or “no client work on vacation” helps leaders with much needed rest and rejuvenation. You’re more productive after some down time, so make sure you’re giving yourself what you need.

Corporate expectations vary according to company and position, but competitive environments keep standards high. As a result, today’s leaders continually struggle to achieve an equitable balance between their work and their obligations on the home front. With proper planning, many successful professionals juggle priorities and work with their spouses to find balance. What other techniques do you recommend?

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