Fast Friday with Paul Ronan, Executive Director, Ontario Parks Association

Posted May 21, 2010 in Career Management, Communication, Latest News & Insights

As head of the Ontario Parks Association, Paul Ronan exudes energy and passion for his work.  His enthusiasm is completely infectious and don’t even get me started about how optimistic and upbeat this guy is!  Off the chart.  So, it wasn’t surprising when Paul shared the following words of wisdom with our PowerRoundtable attendees earlier in May:

You can create your own job.

According to a recent study by Right Management, more than one third of employees have never had discussions about their path and progress with their managers.  This leads to boredom, lack of motivation and a feeling of being stuck in your role.

No one can drive your career but you.  As Paul shared with us through his experience, you can find ways to craft your role to be one that you enjoy…and adds value to your organization (that’s certainly the key ingredient).

So, what kind of career conversation are you going to have today. (For some ideas, check out today’s Globe & Mail .)

Happy leading!

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