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Mentoring Matters – Jennifer Smith

Roundtable Mentor, Jennifer Smith, Director of Sales & Marketing Operations, Orthapaedics at Johnson & Johnson, shared her strategies on how to deal with even the best-intentioned micromanagement. “Rather than focusing on reducing the number of questions, change the paradigm to how to make project updates to your boss more targeted and efficient.”   READ MORE

#leadershiptruth – Complaining is temporary comfort.

Boy, venting sure feels good, doesn’t it? There’s nothing like letting off a bunch of steam when somebody makes us angry. All that reliving of a crappy situation does wonders for our hearts and minds, not to mention our relationships, doesn’t it? Of course it doesn’t. When you find yourself reliving a negative experience, you …

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UNFU*K YOURSELF: Get out of your head and into your life.

By: Gary John Bishop Reviewed by: Julie Melaschenko The Premise: Gary John Bishop’s UnFu*k Yourself is the wake-up call for those who are poised to take the next big leap in their lives – personal, career or otherwise, but feel stuck. Bishop is a best selling author and coach who has worked with people in …

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