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Posted June 27, 2019 in Special Events

We’re growing! This means we’re making room for ONE more superstar on our team!

We’re growing! This means we’re making room for ONE more superstar on our team!

We’re in need of a learning manager who will become a critical member of the programming team. This is a key position that will be responsible for creating and updating new learning content related to leadership development as well as managing our LMS and keeping our research current. We’re looking for someone who knows what it’s like to be a leader and is well-read in areas such as leadership, positive psychology and motivation. Our ideal candidate has practical experience related to instructional design, adult learning & development and coaching.

First and foremost, you’re a collaborative team player who doesn’t get hung up on title. You are part of a small but mighty team and regularly work outside of set roles to support the rest of the team and deliver results for the clients. Long story short, you know how to roll up your sleeves and get shit done (that’s one of our corporate values).

You are agile, creative, detail-oriented but with an ability to synthesize and not get lost in the weeds. You know how to connect the dots and weave together a great development experience for grown-ups. You know, the opposite of sitting in a room listening to someone spew facts from a PowerPoint slide. You can distill great insights, create great experiences and be agile enough to do it quickly.

Still with me? Read on.

You’ve spent the last three to five years working in the field of learning and development with some experience in instructional design. That may be with a small boutique consultancy or perhaps as a business savvy HR or OD manager in a mid-sized organization. You know how important it is to grow leadership bench strength and yearn to work with companies that feel the same way.

You love to work independently but get a charge from being a part of a group. You’re looking to make an impact and change people’s lives. Seriously. You’re results oriented and looking to develop experiences that make an impact in the lives of others. You value freedom, collaboration and are always looking to raise the bar.

Here are some of the things that will be part of your day-to-day life with us:

  • Develop new clinic content in partnership with program director and facilitators
  • Work in partnership with program team to proactively identify new program opportunities and/or enhancements to existing and work to implement
  • Keep on top of the latest trends in leadership and development
  • Manage the library of clinic content – version control of clinics everywhere – needless to say you’ve got a keen eye for detail!
  • Ensure program certifications and credentials are maintained (e.g. ICF)
  • Manage the LMS or other learning platforms (e.g. virtual learning) and evolve the process with a view to end-to-end client experience
  • Consolidate evaluation data and analyze trends and insights with your curious and analytical mind and are able to ask and answer the “so what” behind the trends
  • Share insights back for the purposes of marketing, business development and/or on-going program enhancements

If you’re still reading and still interested, here’s what you need to do next:


Step #1: Answer to the following questions below either in writing or (BONUS POINTS) by
video and submit along with your resume and cover letter:

  • The best experience I’ve ever had in my life was when I…
  • The biggest challenge I’ve had to overcome was when I…
  • It drives me crazy when people…
  • My favourite leadership book of all time is…
  • What I’m going to bring to the Roundtable…

Step #2: If you are successful in steps 1 through 2, we will contact to set up and in person
interview with our panel of awesome team members and ask you to provide 9 (yes 9)

Step #3: If we select you to move further, we will ask that you complete the following
assessment(s) for us: Individual Directions Inventory, Kolbe A.

Submit your application to by August 2, 2019. Only people that complete all our requirements will be contacted to save us both time.


About Us: We are on a mission to create better workplaces by inspiring leaders to make a
positive impact. Our programs win awards. Our clients rave about their experiences with us.

Visit our website to learn more.

Our values that we live by are: Dream Big. Get Shit Done. Make an Impact. Have Fun.

If this sounds like something you can relate to, then we look forward to hearing from you
and seeing what phenomenal skills you’ll bring to The Roundtable!

The Roundtable

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