#leadershiptruth Video: Job Expectations are Like Quicksand

Do you know what your boss’s expectations are of you? Does your team know what you expect from them? In this #leadershiptruth video, I share a quick, easy expectations grid to help everyone get aligned on what success looks like. [youtube] (By the way, subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all our #leadershiptruth videos.)

#leadershiptruth Video: Never Underestimate Your Worth

Did you see Tuesday’s #leadershiptruth? Dig in as I explore why we downplay our strengths, what we’ve accomplished, and all of the knowledge and skills we’ve acquired over our years of working. In this video, I offer up a question to help you lean into your own expertise. Enjoy! [youtube] (By the way, subscribe …

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The Roundtable for Leaders – Next Session

Designed for motivated leaders who are looking to take their career to the next level, the Roundtable for Leaders harnesses the power of group coaching and mentoring while also leveraging the benefits of one-on-one coaching to accelerate leadership impact. Working in small peer groups, leaders meet at regular intervals for focused group coaching over 12 months. …

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Realizing Leadership #51: Janey Piroli

Janey Piroli Master Coach The Roundtable™ For this month’s Leader Spotlight, Glain sits down with long-standing client and now team member, Janey Piroli. Janey recently left her corporate career  to dedicate herself more fully to leadership coaching and to her efforts to bring mindfulness skills into the leadership mainstream. Janey shares the journey that brought …

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