Organize your Mind, Organize your Life

Posted September 1, 2014 in Decision Making, Self-Insight, What We're Reading

By: By Paul Hammerness, MD & Margaret Moore, with John Hanc

Review by: Julie Melaschenko

The Premise: Easy-to-read, practical and science-based, this self-help title offers what the authors call a ‘one-two punch’ approach to getting organized for a more productive and stress-free life. Dr. Hammerness (Psychiatrist and ADHD researcher) explains in simple terms how the brain works in relation to different stimuli and situations, and Margaret Moore, (Lifestyle Coach), provides the real-world approaches needed to take what you’ve learned, and apply them to your daily life. Both authors rely on their backgrounds and clinical examples to address key concerns facing all walks of life. Have you lost or forgotten your keys lately? Been late to an important meeting you booked weeks in advance? Have trouble focusing on tasks in the face of the myriad of digital distractions? Hammerness and Moore have identified five rules of order to help you identify key triggers, understand what part your brain and it’s ‘wiring’ play in the situation, and how you can manage to overcome your environment and take advantage of the power of your own mind. The book is also very recent, which is an important point, as our culture has only gotten more connected, more digital and more distracting. Managing these constant interruptions is something not everyone is hardwired to do, but with a little effort and thought, the authors agree, it can be done.

The Bottom-line: Not just for the completely disorganized person, this book has enough fact-based science and practical applications to be useful for anyone who feels a shift in their ability to stay on top of tasks, appointments, paperwork, kids’ schedules etc. I picked up this book because I had recently taken on a new role and new responsibilities and wanted to get over the ‘where to start’ hump that came with the excitement and challenge. Even after the first few chapters (read in the airport lounge) I was able to see my own hurdles more clearly. For example, my work space, or lack of it, made working from home a stressful, nomadic experience. I was constantly having to pack up and shuffle my stuff from room to room. By stepping back and looking for a place to call my own (and then making a trip to Ikea) I’ve carved out a super practical and efficient work space that has made all the difference!

Roundtable Rating: This is an empowering book for anyone who wants to get control of the details and get on with a more stress-free life.

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